We are a group of people following God's lead in our lives. This is His idea! It is not a church sponsored event.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees to attend this event?

     - No, this is a free event with free lunch and parking.


What's the catch? This event seems too good to be true.

     - There is no catch! Everything has been donated by blessed Christ followers. This is not a church-sponsored event. You will not be asked to join anything, give out anything personal, nor buy anything. 


Where are the speakers from?

     - The speakers are parishioners from various denominations in Western Wisconsin and Minnesota. A few speakers may not be affiliated with any church currently.  


What is the purpose of this event?

     - The purpose of this event is to glorify God through personal stories. Our hope is that unbelievers will become believers, luke-warm believers will become motivated disciples, and mature believers will have their faith heightened beyond measure.  


Will Child Care be provided?

     - Yes, Child Care will be provided for all youth.


Is it all right to come to the event after it starts? 

     -Yes, you are welcome to come anytime.


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